Monday, March 14, 2011

Fine morning

9AM - A fine morning!
I woke up around 7am, shaved, brushed my teeth and got dressed.  MsTioga was parked in Pete and Jimena's front yard.  When I went outside, there was Pete watering the trees in his yard.  We went inside and Pete made some coffee, and I had some toast and jam.  What a neat day!

I was thinking that it would be neat if I had a piece of land around here where I would be able to park MsTioga.  A piece of land where I could have a little garden.  What do you think about that?

5PM - Shopping and eating
During the late morning and part of the afternoon, I accompanied my friend Jimena who went on an errand trip. She paid a phone bill, attempted to process some home property papers and got a smog test down on the car. Then, we went for lunch at a nice restaurant located in the Plaza of Tequisquiapan.
Pete, Jimena and Jorge
In the front yard

Jorge and Jimena at lunch

Mostly cloudy