Thursday, March 24, 2011


8AM - Sharing with friends
Yesterday after posting here in my blog about not wanting to stay in one place, I spent the day with my friends Pete and Jimena.  I shared with them that I did not want to go thru with the purchase of the lot.  Pete and Jimena were very understanding.

I have not actually started the purchase process for the lot, so it will be easy to inform the seller whose name is Richard of my change in plans.  I am going to talk to Richard this morning about this change in my plans.

In thinking about what I have been up to since returning to Mexico last December, it seems to me that I have been very wishy-washy about my plans.  First of all, I've stopped posting my trip plans altogether.  Then I told you that I was planning a trip to the eastern United States.  Then I abruptly left Aticama, and headed out for Tequisquiapan.  And finally, I planned to buy this lot and now have changed my mind about that.

I am not sure what is causing me to behave like this?  But, I suspect that it likely has something to do with the passing of my son, David.   You know that I have another son.  My other son has asked me not to write about him in my blog.  I do not consider what I am writing here about my other son a violation of my agreement because I am not mentioning him by name.

Anyway, what am I thinking about doing now?  I am going to hang around Tequisquiapan for a few days, then head out for a return to Aticama.  After that, I am thinking about heading north for a return to the United States.  I want to travel around California with MsTioga for awhile.  I wish to visit with friends and family up there.

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