Friday, March 11, 2011

Good bye Mazamitla

9AM - Good bye Mazamitla
Right after making this blog post, MsTioga and I will be heading out from the Pueblo of Mazamitla. I will first receive my 3rd and last shot. The medication that I have been taking; a daily shot, one pill and (2) tablespoons of liquid have worked great. I have no symptoms of my illness any more!

At the Hotel El Troje, I have slept sooooooo much!  Ate good too.  I believe that I am good to go for the trip to Tequisquiapan.  I am so very excited anticipating my visit with Pete and Jimena to see their new home.

2PM - Camped in Chilchota
We have made our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Chilchota. MsTioga is parked across from a Pemex gas station. Just around the corner is an open-air restaurant where I bought a very nice chili relleno and frijoles.

If this place is not quiet for sleeping, we have another site scoped out a bit further from the highway.

So far, no signs of my chest illness returning.

Clear sky