Sunday, March 20, 2011


7AM - Gravel
After the lot was cleared of brush, the ground was very dusty.  Even a little wind stirred up the dusty ground and blew the dust around.  When I walked around outside, my shoes got dusty and I tracked that dusty sand back into MsTioga.

It was decided to buy a couple of loads of gravel.  Armando, the same fellow who cleared the lot, also sold gravel!   Pete, who is very experienced with construction, suggested that two loads of gravel would do the job.  Early yesterday morning two loads of gravel were delivered to our lot!  Cost: 2,000 pesos [$170US].

When the dump truck delivered the gravel, the driver spread the stones as best he could by driving forward as the stones dumped out on to the ground.  However, several tons of stone gravel remained to be spread out.  I worked for about an hour spreading the gravel.  But soon, I became exhausted!  That was when Francisco, one of my neighbors, walked up and introduced himself.  Francisco offered to do the work, and I was soooooooo happy that he did!

Francisco worked four hours.  As you may see in the pic below, all of the gravel is spread out nicely! The price that Francisco and I agreed on, was 30 pesos per hour [$2.55US]. This is the going price for construction labor in this area.
MsTioga camped on our gravel

Clear sky