Thursday, March 10, 2011

How long

11AM - How long can I do this?
I just returned from Centro de Salud where I received my second injection.  I am feeling quite a bit better today.  However, this bout with illness got me thinking.  How long can I do this vagabonding life?

On Tuesday when I decided to get medical treatment, my behind was dragging.  I could barely walk upstairs to my hotel room.  What would happen to me if I were out someplace driving around, and I got sick in the middle of nowhere?

Should I be making plans to live in a senior citizen's home?  Just the thought of that drives me bonkers.

4PM - Tomorrow morning
Tomorrow morning I receive the third and last injection of the stuff that is supposed to cure my illness.  I do feel better.  So, tomorrow morning MsTioga and I should be heading out from the Pueblo of Mazamitla.

Some things that I would like to mention.  This town of Mazamitla was founded in 1537.  Also, my medical care here is free!

Clear sky