Thursday, March 03, 2011

Is Mexico safe

7AM - Is Mexico safe?
A reader emailed that he is following my travels in Mexico because he wants to read about me being attacked.  He went on that he knows that what I am doing in Mexico is very dangerous.  Wow!

8AM - Leaving Puerto Vallarta
MsTioga is now heading south out of Puerto Vallarta.  The highway out of town will take us on a road that overlooks the bay.  There are many resorts along this road for tourists.  After awhile, the highway leaves the coast.  We will continue to travel south for about 60 miles before seeing the Pacific Ocean again.

2PM - Punta Perula
We traveled thru the pine forest of the Madre del Sur Mountains. Then, paralleling the unseen Pacific coast, we began to descend. Punta Perula [Pearl Point] is only 3KM off the highway. We have made our Nite Camp here, only a few feet away from the sandy beach.

You may notice that our tiny weather indicator below shows a much higher temperature than we have experienced in Aticama. Maybe going south has something to do with that?
Looking at the beach in front of our Nite Camp

Clear sky