Tuesday, March 15, 2011


9AM - Thinking about land!
You may know that ever since my son Dave died, I have been at loose ends because I no longer have a home base.  When Dave was alive, 2-3 times each year I would return to his home in California.  It has been a mystery for me trying to figure out the puzzle of replacing that home base.

This morning I believe that I may have figured out what to do in order to have a new home base of my very own!  I am planning to buy land right here in the Pueblo of Tequisquiapan!  Yes!  It is true!

Right next door to Pete and Jimena's home is a corner lot is for sale.  It is large.  Would you like to see a pic of my new home?  Hmmmmmm?
My new home!

2PM - MsTioga camped on our land!
Pete, Jimena and I cleared off enough space for MsTioga to back into our new lot! Then we cleared out more brush and weeds all around MsTioga.

In the pic below, the three of us our resting after our clearing job!
Pete, Jorge and Jimena resting on the new lot

Partly cloudy