Monday, March 21, 2011

Leaking faucet

9AM - Leaking faucet
Did I tell you about MsTioga's leaking kitchen sink faucet?  The leak was first noticed when we were still in Aticama.  Our friend Fred who built the duplexes on Matanchen beach phoned his plumber to fix the leak.  However, the plumber could not fix it.  The plumber agreed to buy a new replacement faucet to install.  But he never returned!

When we arrived in Tequisquiapan, Jimena phoned her plumber whose name is Cruz.  However, Cruz could not find a new faucet and did not return either!  Last nite we noticed that the Formica around the kitchen sink had delaminated because of being wet for so long.  We are now turning off the water pump to keep water from leaking.

It seems as though I will have to shop for a replacement kitchen faucet in order to stop this leak.  There is a Home Depot in the City of Queretaro.  We plan to go there tomorrow.

10AM - Lot pic
This morning Little Mavicita climbed up a ladder to look at our lot from Pete and Jimena's wall.  She wanted you to get a better idea of what our lot looks like.

This pic only shows about 60% of our lot.  The other 40% is behind the wall of cactus on the right side of the image.
Lot view from Pete & Jimena's yard

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Clear sky