Monday, March 28, 2011


4AM - Lennon
I woke up and thought of a couple of changes that I'd like to make to yesterday's blog post.  Just a couple of links.  One link to my trip to Copper Canyon, Mexico, which would tell you about my meeting the Gonzalez family.  And the second link to our MsTioga Magazine story about Copper Canyon.

I was just about to go back to bed when I clicked on the movie channel just to take a peek and spotted the movie, "LennonNYC".  I feel that it is a great movie and wanted to share it with you!  For "LennonNYC" part #1 click [here]. Part #2, click [here].

8AM - MsTioga's oil drain plug
You may recall that when MsTioga changed her oil the last time in the Pueblo of Aticama, we found out that the thread into the oil pan was messed up. Somehow that thread got enlarged when a mechanic tried to put the plug bolt in crooked.  The bolt was "cross threaded", and now it was very hard to get the bolt in correctly so that no oil leaked from the pan!

Now MsTioga needs her oil changed again.  But first that messed up thread in the oil pan needs to be fixed.  We are going to a mechanic here in the City of León this morning to see about repairing that thread.

10AM - Mechanic comes to MsTioga!
My friend Mauricio Gonzalez prepared breakfast for me!  Sandwiches!  One for me and one for him. After breakfast we drove to Maurcio's mechanic.  The shop is called, "AutoChek" where I met Edgar, the shop manager.

It was decided to send mechanics out to check exactly what is MsTioga's problem.  When the two mechanics arrived, they removed the oil drain plug and decided that a slightly larger drain plug bolt could be purchased that would resolve the problem.  They promised to return in about two hours with the new bolt.

Clear sky