Saturday, March 05, 2011


9AM - Manzanillo
We are leaving Punta Perula and heading for the City of Manzanillo. I like Manzanillo because MsTioga is able to Camp very close to the beach and still be in walking distance to major grocery stores. And these Camps are quiet places. Also, Señor Sushi is here, and it is the best sushi place that I have found in Mexico!

2PM - Camped in Manzanillo
We have made our Camp in the City of Manzanillo at the edge of a large vacant lot. Just across the highway from this lot is Señor Sushi!
View of our Camp from MsTioga's roof

I was nicked at a Pemex gas station here in Manzanillo.  I asked for 500 pesos of gasoline.  When the attendant saw that I did not check to see if the meter was set at all "zeros", she punched in 500 pesos and I received the balance between what the last customer paid and 500 pesos.  I am guessing that I was shorted about 250 pesos.

I caught the shortage by observing MsTioga's gas meter as I left the Pemex.   The tank should have been almost full, but was less than 3/4 full.  I usually am more careful!

Where am I going?
Recently a ShoutBox post and a few emails arrived which wondered why I am traveling south, instead of north.  Well, the answer is, that I did not want to go north right now!

Also, I want go visit with my friends Pete and Jimena in Tequisquiapan.  And of course, see their beautiful new home!  I am heading in the general direction of Tequisquiapan.

Clear sky