Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mechanic returns

Mechanic returns!
Yesterday afternoon, a bit after 5pm, the mechanic returned.  However, he did not have the new oil plug bolt with him!  However, he told me that the new bolt had been purchased.  He asked what kind of oil MsTioga used and I told him.  Then, the mechanic took off.

I expected him to return in a few minutes.  But a few minutes turned into an hour and no mechanic came!  I am expecting the mechanic to return early this morning!

9AM - Breakfast with Mauricio & Edith
Mauricio knocked on MsTioga's door asking me to come inside for breakfast. Edith and Mauricio together prepared waffles and eggs! I am treated sooooooo great here at the Gonzalez family!
Edith and Mauricio Gonzalez

10AM - No more leaks!
The mechanic from AutoChek returned with the new and slightly larger oil plug which included a new washer/seal. MsTioga got new oil and filter. When MsTioga's engine started, no leaks could be seen! We are sooooooo happy about that!

The cost of repairs is 850 pesos [$72 US].
AutoChek mechanic installing oil filter

12 Noon - Catching up on email
Usually I do not reply to email until my solar battery bank is recharged. However, now I am remaining at the Gonzalez family home, and am plugged into their electricity. So, I am able to spend a lot of time today replying to email.

It is very easy for me to get behind on my email replies. Sometimes I receive 25+ email in one day. Right now I am behind about 36 email and I have not even received today's email yet!

I want you to know that email is very important to me. And replying to your email is one of my high priority things!

Misty sky