Thursday, March 17, 2011


11AM - Neighbors
This morning at around 7am I was standing on MsTioga's roof just looking around at my neighborhood.  The view from up there is really great!  I may look way down the valley and see a long distance.  Or, I may look next door and down into Pete & Jimena's front yard.  I saw Pete in his yard watering his trees and plants and called out "Buenos dias!" to him.

I spent the entire morning with Pete and Jimena talking about things of concern to us.  It is a wonderful thing to have sensitive neighbors who are my friends!

For the past week, Pete and Jimena have had two very good builders constructing a wall which when complete, will separate the front yard from "Jimena's garden".  In the pic below you see me looking at this wall.  Do you also see Pete in his yard?
Jorge looking at the new wall

4PM - Our own fresh water!
Last nite I took a shower which brought MsTioga's fresh water level down close to empty.  So, this afternoon we got out our four extension hoses out and hooked them up together.  Our lot has one hose bibb which connects to the city's water supply.  Our 150 feet of hose reached all the way to MsTioga's water input!
Filling our water tank!

Clear sky