Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Puerto Vallarta

11AM - Puerto Vallarta!
We pulled out of our Nite Camp in the Pueblo of Zacualpan at 8am, and headed south for Puerto Vallarta.  As you may know, Puerto Vallarta is also the destination for zillions cruise ship passengers.  We found a place to Camp along a dirt road leading to a construction site for several large buildings.

In case you missed it, we departed the Pueblo of Aticama yesterday afternoon.  It was time for us leave Aticama, where we have been camping since last December.  MsTioga and I are vagabonds.  We yearn to find our destiny searching for adventure!
Tioga and George in Puerto Vallarta

6PM - Outback Steak House
A couple of blocks away from our Puerto Vallarta Day Camp is an Outback Steak House.  After thinking about Outback all afternoon, I just had to go buy a steak!

Clear sky