Wednesday, March 09, 2011


7AM - Sick!
I am sick! May be pneumonia. I've had pneumonia several times in my life.  Last nite was a terrible time for me.  I felt miserable!

This morning I will look around for a hospital in order to connect with a doctor for treatment.

8AM - Centro de Salud
A lady with her two children walked by MsTioga and I asked her the location for a hospital. She told me that the place where people go for health care here in Mazamitla is called the Centro de Salud. I took a taxi to Centro de Salud.

When I got to Centro de Salud, I explained what my problem was. In only a few minutes I was sitting in the doctor's office. He examined me with his stethoscope and told me that I do not have pneumonia. But what I have could develop into pneumonia without treatment.  I received an injection of Ceftriaxona, the first of three daily injections.  Also, I have medication to take by mouth for the next five days.

10AM - Hotel La Troje
I decided that I needed to stay in a hotel during my recovery.  It will be quiet in the hotel, and I will not have to drive MsTioga around since the hotel is very close to Centro de Salud.  My room in the Hotel El Troje is very nice!  And I have internet here.  MsTioga is parked just across the street.

5:30PM - Feeling a little better
I am feeling better now.  Mostly I have been resting in bed.  I've been watching TV which is all in Spanish, which means that I do not understand what is going on completely.  I've booked this room for three days, one day for each drug injection.  Hopefully by Friday, I will know if this treatment is working or not.

Clear sky