Sunday, March 27, 2011

Simple life

8AM - A simple life
For me being an RVing vagabond is a simple life.  Wandering around searching for adventure seems to me to be one of the least complicated ways to live.  One of the reasons that I did not go thru with purchase of the lot in Tequisquiapan was that land ownership complicates things.

I had the best of all possible worlds when my son David was alive.  With a home base of own and my son David taking care of all the complications of owning that home.  All that I had to do then was to enjoy that home.

Having a popular website means that readers send lots of email. I love to receive email! Sometimes I cannot answer all of the email received.  Replies often are made days or sometimes weeks later. Right now I am replying to email received on March 20th.

This morning I'll spend an hour or two doing replies.

3PM - City of León
From our Nite Camp in the City of San Juan del Rio to the City of León is about 126 miles.  It took MsTioga 6 hours to make this trip because I needed two naps!

As you may know, I have some very good friends living in the City of León.  They are Mauricio and Edith Gonzalez.  We met in early 2008 in the Copper Canyon of Mexico [link].  And, we have been friends ever since then.  Every time that I travel thru León I stop for a visit with the Gonzalez family.  They treat me the same as if I were a member of their family.

A few years ago Mauricio bought a recreational trailer.  Twice Mauricio and Edith have brought their trailer down to Aticama and camped there while I was also camping in Aticama.

MsTioga will spend the nite in front of the Gonzalez home.

Note: If you would like to read our MsTioga Magazine story about Copper Canyon, click [here].

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