Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Staying in one place

7AM - Staying in one place
Yesterday afternoon I returned to Tequisquiapan after buying MsTioga's new sink faucet in the City of Queretaro.  However, I found that I felt very uncomfortable about going back to the lot and camping there!  So, I made a camp behind the Bodega Aurrera store in Tequis for the afternoon.  Then in the late afternoon, I made a Nite Camp behind the Soriana store where there is a very nice view looking over the valley which has the large reservoir.

What the heck is going on?  I spent a lot of time last nite trying to answer that question.  What I came up with was that I am not a guy who can stay in one place!  In order for me to feel good, I have to be moving around.  I was hoping to replace my son David's home base by buying the lot in Tequisquiapan.  I was hoping that by staying on that lot, in time, I would develop feelings about that place.  But what happened instead was that I found that the only attraction for me living on that lot were my neighbors, Pete and Jimena!

Extremely hard to write to you about this!
It is very difficult for me to tell you about this!  Did you know that my readership has gone up more than 500 visits a day since I wrote about buying this lot?  Apparently, the life of living on that lot as visioned by readers is very enticing.  But that same life for me is filled with dread!  Wow!

Clear sky