Monday, March 07, 2011


8AM - Vulnerable
Lately I've received some very critical, judgmental and nasty email.  Usually this kind of stuff does not bother me.  When I do not agree with what a reader writes, I just brush it off.  But with all that has been going on over the last six months, I find myself vulnerable.  You may have seen this reflected in my blog writing.

What I have been doing to get over this challenging part of life, is to just wait to see what comes up.  Something is coming, I just do not know right now what that something is.  In the meanwhile, I have no aches or pains.  I still am able to climb up on MsTioga's roof to tilt the solar panels.  MsTioga needs no repairs.

Pretty neat, huh?

2PM - Camped in Pueblo Cuauhtemoc
We have made our Nite Camp in Pueblo, Cuauhtemoc, named after the last emperor of the Aztec people.  North of our Camp is what appears to be a young volcano.

MsTioga traveled over 70 miles today.  It took us about three hours to complete today's journey because we went thru downtown Colima on the way.
View of volcano from our Cuauhtemoc Camp

5:30PM - View of our street
In the pic below is a view of our street in Cuauhtemoc. It is quiet here. A few feet away is the municipal police department.
Our street

Clear sky