Thursday, March 31, 2011


7AM - David's will
Yesterday an email came in from the lawyer handling my son David's probate.  The lawyer is asking me to send the suicide note which contains David's will.  Apparently the law requires that the original will be filed with the probate court.

This is not the first time that this lawyer has asked me for David's will.  While I was still in California late last year, he asked me for the will.  But I refused to hand it over then.  The four pieces of paper on which the note is written are the last communication that I had with my son, David.  I found that I was emotionally attached to these words, and would not give them up.

But now time has passed.  My emotional roller coaster has calmed down quite a bit.  I am able to give up the note now.  So, this morning here in the City of Tepatitlan, I will look for the Mexico Post Office and send David's will to the lawyer by registered mail.  Before I put the will in the mailing envelope, I made a copy of the note for me to keep forever.

Last nite around 10pm there was a gentle knock on MsTioga's door.  Looking out thru the windows I could see a police truck with lites flashing.  I went outside and asked if they wanted to talk to me?

There were four police.  They wanted to know what I was doing here?  Where I had come from?  Where I was going?  The conversation was very calm, very polite.  In all the years that I have lived in Mexico, I have never encountered a policeman with attitude.

2PM - Magdalena where Boid flew away!
We have made a Camp for the nite inside the City of Magdalena. We were camped here on 25 April 2009. That was the day when little Boid flew out from MsTioga to find his destiny. Wow! That was a tough time for me, MsTioga and The Team!
Boid chewing papers on my desk
Later that day Boid flew away forever

Clear sky