Saturday, March 26, 2011


4:30AM - Yesterday
Yesterday was a fascinating day for me.  After Cruz the plumber installed the new kitchen sink faucet, I went into central Tequis to a hair cutting place and had my hair washed and cut.   After the haircut, I went to a nice park in the south part of Tequis where MsTioga is able to be in the shade.  I stayed in this park for a couple of hours, just walking around and listening to music on my iPod.

Then we drove to the Soriana Store and parked on the quiet street in the shade of the store's building.  I washed 1/2 of MsTioga.  That was the first time that I had washed MsTioga in several weeks.

Why was today fascinating for me?  During the past several weeks instead of doing things as I had done today, I had mostly been inside MsTioga during the day watching movies!  I had been using movies as a diversion from my thoughts about David.  However, I am not able to live an emotionally healthy life doing that kind of stuff.  I have to be active, not reclusive!

Life is about living and dying
A person such as myself cannot get away from the grieving process by diverting their thoughts by watching a bunch of movies.  The movies are stories about people.  And those people are living and dying.  Yesterday evening I watched only one movie.  "The Buddy Holly Story".  As you may know, Buddy dies in an airplane crash at the end of the movie.  I thought about those people left behind after Buddy died.  His Dad and Mom.   Also his new wife!

These people had to also get thru their grieving.  The same as myself.  And apparently as I have learned during the past several weeks, diversion does not work for me as a cure for grieving.  Only being active and doing things works for me.

4:30PM - Camped in the City of San Juan del Rio
Most of the day I spent at the home of my good friends, Pete and Jimena. I love being with them. Because these two are real people. No pretense. During the weeks that I have been in Tequisquiapan, the three of us talked about all the stuff that goes on in our life. I will definitely miss Pete and Jimena.

Then came the time when we said our goodbyes. MsTioga and I pulled out from Tequisquiapan and headed south for the City of San Juan del Rio. We made a Nite Camp in the same neighborhood as the office of Doctor Robles, the dermatologist who removed the skin cancer from my nose in July, 2009.
Jorge & MsTioga in San Juan del Rio

Clear sky