Friday, April 29, 2011


9AM - Alternator working now!
MsTioga's alternator is working now. Cost under $600. The Motocraft alternator cost $240. A new connecting cable was required.  The mechanic told me that the alternator that went bad had the wrong amperage rating.  And that is why it failed.

However, I believe that the problem occurred in the electrical connection to the alternator.  The cable end is of the "blade" connector type.  Ford engineered these blades really small.  I guess that Ford figured that when the alternator went bad, that the cable would be replaced.  My cable was original equipment.  When the blades got a little corrosion, the resistance to electric flow went up.  The blades heated up so much from this resistance, that the cable began to burn destroying both the alternator and the cable.

I was lucky to put the fire out so quickly.  MsTioga could have burned up too!

So, the cost is:
Towing: $185
Remove/replace alternator:  $560
Hotel room:  $55
Total:  $800

3PM - Beach walk bike ride
My friend John phoned inviting me for a bike ride on the Mission Beach beach walk.  We biked north to Pacific Beach and bought some coffee at the Kona Restaurant.  Then drove over to Five Guys Burgers for lunch.  Pretty neat, huh?

MsTioga is Afternoon Camped at Mission Bay Park across the street from the Giant Dipper Roller Coaster at Belmont Park.

5PM - New fire extinguisher!
MsTioga and The Team drove to the Sports Arena neighborhood of San Diego.  There we bought a new fire extinguisher!  You may recall the MsTioga had an engine fire, and we used our old extinguisher to put that fire out.

We also picked up the broken temple for my RayBan sunglasses.  The RayBan broke a few months ago while we were in Mexico.

We have been busy-bees!
New fire extinguisher!

Blue sky