Saturday, April 23, 2011

Cat Mouse

5:30AM - Cat and Mouse
Last Nite when we left our Camp at Mission Bay Park, there were several vehicles in the "No Parking 2am to 4am" area.  These vehicles included three RVs.  So, this morning we returned to Mission Bay Park to find out what happened to these vehicles.

MsTioga and I were very surprised to find that all of these cars, trucks and RVs remained here!  Undisturbed by the police!  Wow!  We are confused by what appears to be "selective law enforcement!"

Some Readers have wondered why we are playing this "cat & mouse" camping thing with local law enforcement.  We could just knuckle under and find an RV campground.  I guess that MsTioga and I are just stubborn.
Two of the RVs Nite Camped
Mission Bay Park no parking 2am to 4am

9AM - Why do I live this way?
When I bought MsTioga in February, 2003, I bought her mainly because I wanted to live within my income.  I knew that living in an RV is just about the cheapest way to live.  Especially if the RVer does not pay rent.  Also, I did not want to have debt anymore.  I have not had any debt at all, since 2003.

2PM - Lady in a rental van
During mid-morning MsTioga wanted to leave Mission Bay Park.  The parking lot had filled up.  And MsTioga worried that she might get "blocked" in!  So, we broke Camp and went over to Crown Point, where we found plenty of empty spaces in the parking area.

A lady parked in front of us.  She was driving a brand new shiny U-Haul van with a big green advertisement, "Rent This Van! $19.95!"  The rear doors were open, and I could see inside.  At first I thought that she was sorting thru clothing to sell here in the park.  But after awhile it was clear to me that this lady was straightening out her own clothing.  She was living in this rental van!

I thought that it was very inventive of the lady to rent a van to live in for $19.95/day.  Good price for shelter and transportation.  I went over to say, "Good afternoon" and congratulate her on adapting to her circumstance.

As she told me her story, I saw a tear roll down her cheek!  "I had a good job.  I was a supervisor and made good money.  I never thought that this could happen to me".

Blue sky