Monday, April 25, 2011


6:30AM - No chocolate!
Yesterday afternoon I was invited over to John and Mimi's for supper.  Mimi prepared a really nice meal designed to be low in carbohydrates.  John is on low carbohydrates in order to reduce his blood-sugar level.  After supper, John showed me his tiny digital blood-sugar level device and he offered to take my blood-sugar reading.  My reading was 190, which is high!

So, now I am on a low carbohydrate regimen myself.  Lately I have been loading up on Hershey's chocolate kisses and not watching what I was eating at all.  Also, I have been lax with going on my morning walks.
George on Mission Beach walk

1PM - Bright blue day!
It may be a bit of a challenge being a cop-evader during the nite here in San Diego.  But oh my!  Look at what we got today!
George and Tioga enjoy a San Diego day!

Bright blue sky!