Saturday, April 30, 2011

Chula Vista

6AM - MsTioga in City of Chula Vista
Last Nite MsTioga and The Team Nite Camped in an industrial neighborhood along Sports Arena Boulevard.  As we wrote to you about in an earlier post, this street has signs warning, "No Habitation".  However, there is no serious police enforcement of this regulation on this street because the neighborhood is industrial.  We on the TiogaRV Team have many years dealing with "stealth" camping, and even we find staying here during the nite anything but easy.

Because Nite Camping in all of San Diego County is very difficult, MsTioga advises you NOT to try Nite Camping on the streets here yourself.  If you cannot afford to stay in an RV campground in the San Diego area, don't come here!

When we pulled out of our Nite Camp at 6am, we headed south for the City of Chula Vista.  We want to scope out Chula Vista, to see what are the prospects here for Nite Camping.  MsTioga has made a Morning Camp adjacent to the Chula Vista RV Resort.  All the streets here are signed against "Over night camping".  There is a park one block away from our Camp which is signed, "No vehicle over 20 feet allowed".

10PM - National City
We had a good day. Messed around shopping a lot. Went to a movie. And found a Nite Camp in a place called, National City. It's a residential neighborhood. And it is a free camp!

You can click on our Google Map links to MsTioga's Nite Camp location.

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