Tuesday, April 12, 2011


5AM - Email
I've been awake since before 4am replying to email.  And I am only up to April 4th!   Wow!  Receiving email from you, my Readers, is very good for me.  You write to me about your concerns for my well being, and in doing my replies to you, I am supplied with answers to my own questions!  Isn't that something?

In some of my replies this morning, I included that, "Lately I have been feeling comfortable only while traveling."  I believe that I know why this is so.  It is because traveling takes my mind off of stuff that has been bothering me.

Fortunately, I have the resources to travel even with gasoline prices zooming up!  I am traveling around visiting places and friends.  I will also be attending to things that I need to do.  For example, I need to have surgery to fix the problem with my prostate gland.  I am considering laser surgery for that operation.

6AM - Where to live?
As you may be aware, I must sooner or late address the question of where I should live?  This is not an easy question.  Because mixed up in this question of "where", is the grieving process which is still going on.

It has occurred to me that perhaps I have already found the answer to the question of, "where".  Perhaps the answer is, "Aticama" in the winter and "Tequisquiapan" in the summer?

Well, I have not figured out all of this stuff yet.  And there really is no hurry.  I just have to take my time and enjoy this fabulous life that I am living.

7AM - A hot bath!
Just after I made my 6am post above, I went into Ron and Terry's home and took a hot bath!  They invited me to use the bath yesterday evening, but I was too sleepy then.  This morning's bath was perfect!  I soaked for almost an hour.  Until my hands were all wrinkly!

Last nite Terry prepared a wonderful supper.  BBQ pork ribs which were soooooo tender and topped with a fabulous sauce!  Terry also made baked beans from scratch.  Coleslaw from scratch using a KFC recipe for coleslaw dressing.

Wow!  This is such a nice visit for me!.

Partly cloudy