Thursday, April 28, 2011

Engine fire

5AM - Engine fire!
MsTioga pulled out of our Nite Camp just past 5am and headed for Von's Grocery.  We had only traveled a few blocks when a strange odor arrived.  It smelled like burning brakes.  A few blocks more and we parked at Von's.

As soon as MsTioga stopped, I saw smoke bellowing out from the engine compartment!  Quickly the hood was opened.  The smoke was coming from the left side of the engine [looking toward the rear].  The connection to the alternator was burning!

I got the fire extinguisher, and put the fire out.  Fortunately, the extinguisher is good for electrical fires.

6:30AM - MsTioga getting towed
We have arranged for "Western Towing" to tow MsTioga to "Griffin's Auto Repair".  We thought about having a mobile repair guy come here to fix MsTioga.  But, we have already been contacted by the guard who patrols Von's parking lot.

MsTioga will be towed about 9 miles.

8:30AM - Western Towing
A really nice tow truck driver named Salvador hooked up MsTioga. The drive shaft needed to be dropped, which is standard procedure for MsTioga.
MsTioga ready for towing

10AM - Griffin's Auto Service
MsTioga is now parked at Griffin's Auto Service. You may see our location by clicking on our Google Map link, below.

As you may see in the pic, the alternator cable is all burned up. Why, it burned, we do not know yet. The technician will check things out and report.
Burned up alternator cable

1PM - Motel 6
I've checked into a Motel 6, several blocks away from Griffin's Auto Service. It's a nice room, and only costs $55/nite.

Blue sky