Thursday, April 21, 2011


3AM - Get out of here!
There was loud knocking on MsTioga's door, windows and outside walls.  It was a San Diego cop!  "Did you know that it is not legal to inhabit any vehicle here?"  So, we moved from our Mission Beach Nite Camp and made another Camp in an industrial area.  Surely this area would be OK to Nite Camp!

Nope!  In fact it is not legal to live in any vehicle around here!  A few feet away from our new industrial neighborhood Camp we found the street sign that you see below.

§86.23 Use Of Streets For Storage, Service or Sale Of Vehicles or For Habitation Prohibited
(f) It is unlawful for any person to use a vehicle while it is parked or standing on any street as either temporary or permanent living quarters, abode, or place of habitation either overnight or day by day.
Get out!

7AM - Crown Point
Before dawn we left the industrial neighborhood camp described above.  MsTioga drove to the South Shores Boat Ramp, next door to Sea World.  We used the RV Dump station at South Shores and filled MsTioga's fresh water tank.

We met Mike and Rose, RVers who camp as we on the TiogaRV Team do.  This couple suggested Day Camping at Crown Point.  And that is what we did!

Our run-in with the police is not something new to us.  We have had such run-ins from time to time before.  It is a fact of RVing life in the United States.  Some communities get the idea that RVs should be excluded.  That does not mean that we cannot live in these communities.  It means that RVers must be more inventive in such places!
Tioga and George at Crown Point

2PM - Tioga Team Mission
If you wonder about our aversion to staying in RV parks, you might read our Team Mission at the bottom of this blog.

We on the TiogaRV Team have always been this way. We do NOT like staying in RV parks! We enjoy the challenge of finding Nite Camps. And during the day, we like to make Day Camps in places that we choose. Not squished up in an RV park a few feet away from somebody else's RV.

Here in San Diego there are HUGE parking lots that serve the inlets to San Diego Bay. These parking lots have gorgeous views. And hardly anybody is using these lots during the daytime! Amazing!

5PM - Outback Steakhouse treat!
For several years, Reader Phil has been treating me to supper at the Outback Steakhouse up on Clairmont Mesa in San Diego.  Outback's steaks are sooooooo good!

Phil told Outback Proprietor Mark Peterson and Manager Ariel Marin all about MsTioga and my travels.  These two very friendly people came by my table to talk to me!  I felt like a celebrity!
George at Outback!

Clear sky