Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Heading west

Heading west
Yesterday morning MsTioga and I left the home of our friends, Ron and Terry.  We headed west and by mid-afternoon found ourselves in the Town of Casa Grande.  There is a movie theater in town and I walked over to see what's playing.  "Soul Surfer" got my attention, and I bought a ticket.

"Soul Surfer" is the true story of Bethany Hamilton, a young surfer girl who loses her arm by shark attack.  Bethany overcomes this fantastic challenge.  A truly amazing story which I recommend you see.

6AM - Sunrise
The Sun has just come up and the rays are trying to come thru MsTioga's window blinds!  This is the second time we have made our Nite Camp here southeast of the center of Casa Grande, Arizona.  I love to find safe and quiet Nite Camps near populated areas.  I've been finding camps like this successfully for many years.  And, I believe that I am pretty good at it!

1PM - Gila Bend
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in Gila Bend, Arizona. We may make a Nite Camp here. For some reason, I like this small town!

Something happened a few minutes ago that scared me! I was walking across the highway to buy something at a store. That was when I discovered that my wallet was missing from my back pocket! You may recall that I lost my wallet a while ago in Mexico.  I left the wallet at that time on a grocery counter check out stand.  I  decided then NEVER to let the wallet be out of my hand or my pocket ever again!

How could I have lost it now?! I looked everywhere inside MsTioga for the wallet, and could not find it!

I phoned my bank and they put a temporary hold on the debit card that was in the wallet. After that was done, I sat down to think about what could have happened. That was when I recalled using the bathroom. I looked in at the toilet, and there it was. My wallet lying on the floor next to the toilet!

Wow! I am sooooooo happy to have found it!

Clear sky