Thursday, April 07, 2011


7AM - Quiet Camp
Little Mavicita went outside and captured a pic of our Hermosillo Nite Camp. This has been a very quiet place for sleeping. Although we are only a few hundred meters from the highway, there has been very little traffic ooise.

In the pic below, the Sun is just coming up and shining on the distant hills.
Our Hermosillo Camp at sunrise

Lukeville/Sonita border crossing
MsTioga and The Team choose to cross the international border at the Lukeville/Sonita crossing. We prefer this border station to the more popular crossing in Nogales.

Ths afternoon we shall likely make a Nite Camp 90 miles from the border and cross over to the USA tomorrow. When we reach the border, we will have to remember to go into the Mexican border station in order to turn-in our Tourist Permit!

3PM - Caborca our last Mexico Camp!
MsTioga and The Team have arrived in the desert City of Caborca.  This will be our last Nite Camp inside Mexico, for this trip.  We cruised around town just looking around.  That was when I spotted a "Pollo Feliz", Mexico's biggest BBQ chicken chain.  I just had to have a BBQ chicken!

After Pollo Feliz, we found our Nite Camp on a dirt road not too far away from the center of town.

Clear sky