Friday, April 01, 2011

Loud speaker

8AM - Loud speakers!
Across the street from our Nite Camp site, a car pulled up and parked.  There are two loud speakers on the top of the car delivering advertisements for stores located in this city.  None of the people walking by these loud speakers seems to care about the words blaring out.  In Mexico, this kind of thing is OK.  No problem.

These loud speakers represent one of the major differences between the Mexican and American culture.  In Mexico you do things and others do not to complain.  In the United States if somebody did the same thing with loud speakers, likely everybody would complain.

Freedom to do what you want to do without interference from others is something that fascinates me tremendously.

9AM - Back to Nayarit!
It appears from where we are now located in our map of Mexico, that today we shall enter the State of Nayarit, where the Pueblo of Aticama, our Winter Camp in Mexico is located.  You may recall that we left Aticama about a month ago in order to visit with our friends, Pete and Jimena and see how their newly constructed home came out.

4PM - Returned to Aticama!
We drove all the way thru Tepic and continued on to Aticama.  MsTioga has made a Camp on the coast road in front of the cemetery.  This is as close as we may Camp to Weng and Francisco's Hill Top Home!

Right after I take a shower, Little Mavicito and I will hike up the hill to visit with Weng and Francisco and the family!

Clear sky