Monday, April 18, 2011

Mission Bay

6:30AM - Mission Bay Beach
We are Morning Camped in the huge parking area at Mission Bay Beach. This parking lot is signed "No Parking" during the early morning hours. So, we Nite Camped in a residential neighborhood north of here.

We on the TiogaRV Team love the challenge of finding our Camps. This challenge is one main things that keeps us liking our vagabonding life so much.  We have asked nearly all of our stick-home friends how they bear up living in the sameness of their stationary lives.  All who responded claim to love living in one place.

However, MsTioga and myself would not like being stationary at all!  We love moving.  Even moving our Camp a mile or so, as we did a few minutes ago, is just wonderful for us!

10AM - Registering MsTioga
When MsTioga lost her address at my son David's home, she chose "Americas Mailbox" in South Dakota to be her address.  This means that MsTioga must register with the State of South Dakota.

I am in the process this morning of gathering all the information required for vehicle registration.  It appears that I got all the stuff together now.  But first I must find a Notary Public to notarize a couple of the papers.

I am fully capable of managing all of these forms and stuff.  However, I really hate to do it!  Lucky for me that for a small charge, Americas Mailbox will take all of this paperwork to South Dakota's department of motor vehicles and register MsTioga for me.

12 Noon - Five Guys Burgers and Fries
While I was at the Notary, my cell phone began ringing. It was my friend John P. calling. I invited John to lunch at nearby "Five Guys Burgers and Fries!"

I'd never heard of Five Guys before John P. mentioned this new burger joint to me a few days ago. I had a bacon cheeseburger, and it was very good!

6PM - Steve
When I went to empty my trash pail, I passed a guy sitting on a park bench.  He had a bicycle with a bed roll tied on the back.  His name is Steve and he lives on the street.  He sleeps under some trees inside Mission Bay Park.  I was surprised when talking with Steve to find him to be a really nice guy.

Steve is a Vietnam vet and a heavy equipment operator.  He is 60 years old and not employed.  "Hard to get a job when you get older", Steve told me.  Steve has an income of about $500/month.  Something left to him when his Mom died.