Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Mission Bay2

8AM - Fabulous Mission Beach!
I probably should not be raving about RV camping at Mission Beach.  Because all of you may head out today for San Diego and turn Mission Beach into an RV campground!  But, I am going to take that chance and tell you about it anyway!

I told you yesterday how MsTioga is able to camp here within the law by moving for the nite out to the street.  But there is more!  A short distance away near Sea World, there is a large parking area that contains an RV dump station and hose bibb for filling our fresh water tank.

In the pic below you see me and MsTioga.  Just across the street is the beach and Pacific Ocean.  There is a wide concrete walk there that is wonderful.  People ride their bikes, roller blade, run and many just walk along this concrete walk which goes alongside the beach for miles.

Also, do you notice in this pic that our Mr. Datastorm is down?  We have WiFi access here!.
George and MsTioga in Mission Beach

Partly sunny