Tuesday, April 05, 2011


12 Noon - City of Navajoa
We headed out of Culiacan at 7am and traveled north 132 miles.  MsTioga is now camped in the City of Navojoa. At the entrance to the city we found a big Soriana store and went grocery shopping. I bought a roast chicken that looked really juicy! And it was! Just before making this post I prepared a chicken sandwich which was sooooooo good!

Our daily average traveling distance of about 100 miles is not much.  However, that distance is comfortable for me.

Losing family
It never occurred to me years ago, that I might live beyond most others in my family. My doctor told me when I was still in my late 30s, that I had a leaky aortic heart valve and would likely need heart surgery before my 68th birthday. I figured that this problem would kill me. However, here I am at 73 years of age still alive and healthy. With a dwindling family too. And obviously having a very difficult time adjusting to losing family.

I've been devoting time each day analyzing my options. It is strange that I, with all the optimism and imagination that I used to have, cannot come up with new and exciting things that I want to do now!

Clear sky