Saturday, April 09, 2011

Rainy weather2

7AM - Rainy and cold!
The desert plants around here are sooooooo happy!  Rain began falling last nite around 10pm and has continued to fall ever since.  It is cold outside too.  Mr. Wave6 [link] went to work yesterday evening and kept us warm all nite long.  Right now, as you may see by looking below at our "weather icon", it is rainy and only 48°F.

Grocery shopping
Yesterday when we went thru the international border station, the guards took foods that we need in order to prepare meals. We must go grocery shopping. The Town of Ajo is north of this campground. Later this morning we will head out to Ajo to shop and will likely make a Nite Camp there too.

10AM - Town of Ajo
After going grocery shopping here in the Town of Ajo, we went to a laundromat to do clothes washing and prepare breakfast.   Looking north from Ajo, we could see in the distance that the weather appeared better.  After finishing washing and drying clothes, we headed north.

2PM - Gila Bend is warmer!
We have made a Day Camp inside the Town of Gila Bend.  It is a LOT warmer here, and there is no rain.  The Sun is shining too.  However, there are a lot of clouds.

Gasoline prices here in Gila Bend are about 3.72/gallon for regular gasoline.  When I went shopping for groceries, I paid $2.90 for a loaf of wheat bread.  So, it appears that food prices here in the Arizona are rising.
MsTioga and George in Gila Bend, Arizona

Mostly cloudy