Friday, April 15, 2011


5AM - Roosters crowing
Late yesterday afternoon MsTioga took a trip thru Yuma to look around.  We made a Nite Camp next to a public library.  In this neighborhood are Yuma's city government offices.  There is a "Del Sol Market" around the corner, and during the evening I went there to buy some groceries.  The clerk at check-out was speaking Spanish to her customer and I spoke to her in Spanish too.

This morning I was looking out from MsTioga's door at the nite sky to see if I could view some stars.  There are stars visible, so it is going to be a nice day.  I could hear roosters crowing.  That was when it came to me that this is likely a Mexican neighborhood.  My neighbors are raising chickens, just like in Mexico!

10AM - The border fence
I've read lot of stuff about the Mexico/United States border fence. But never saw the fence myself. All of a sudden we saw it. Just bit south of Interstate #8. We had to take a peek!

In the pic below Little Mavicita captured me and the border fence. The sign tells to keep at least 100 feet away!
Jorge at the border fence!

Clear sky