Tuesday, April 26, 2011

San Diego Zoo

5AM - We are going to the zoo!
Yesterday afternoon, John and Mimi biked over to our Camp at Mission Bay Park. They invited us to go to the San Diego Zoo today. Isn't that great?

So, in order to avoid the traffic, early this morning we are driving to Balboa Park. The zoo is located inside the park. There are big parking areas inside Balboa Park and a free tram to take us to the zoo.

6AM - MsTioga is a miracle!
Sometimes I take stuff for granted.  However, this morning it was clear that my pal MsTioga is a miracle.  I cannot take her for granted!

MsTioga's GPS directed me thru the maze of San Diego streets and we are now Camped in Balboa Park.  It is a good thing that we drove here early, because even now the streets are filled with anxious drivers!  We found a really nice place to make our Camp in the parking lot.  MsTioga is adjacent to a road, so that this afternoon when we exit, she won't be blocked in.

First thing to do is take a walk around the park.  Then take a shower, eat a little breakfast, and kick-back to await the arrival of John and Mimi later this morning.
The TiogaRV Team
Balboa Park, San Diego

1:30PM - Zoo pics
We just got back from our zoo trip. Wanna see a couple of zoo pics?


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