Thursday, April 14, 2011

Short Stack Adventure

6AM - Short Stack Adventure!
As soon as I woke up this morning I knew that I was going over to the Space Age Restaurant in Gila Bend and have a Short Stack Adventure.  I don't know what Space Age does with their pancakes, but they are just about the best pancakes I have had!  Space Age pancakes don't fall apart as do most other pancakes!  They are firm, but not chewy.  And they taste sooooooo good!

You may be wondering why I call this a "Short Stack Adventure".  Well, when I was younger I used to go to places in the wild forests to find adventure.  Now I am an older guy.  And going for a short stack at the Space Age Restaurant seems like an adventure to me!

I plan to read a newspaper while in the restaurant.  Or maybe chew the fat with somebody.  I like to eat at the counter because from there I can see what is going on in the kitchen.  I'm going to wear my house slippers while eating.  Because they are soooooo comfortable!
Do you see MsTioga camped at Space Age?

9AM - Wonderful email
When I have written here in my blog that I am behind in my email replies, readers have suggested that I simply create a "saved" reply and use that reply to catch up.  However, I refuse to do that.

Email that I receive from readers is an amazing gift for me.  Readers take their valuable time to write to me with words of compassion.  With suggestions.  With prayers.  How can I answer with a "saved" reply?

Right now I am replying to email received on April 6th.  It may take me several days or weeks to catch up.  But I will catch up and reply to every email sent to me!

10:30AM - One more thing to post!
I was headed out of Gila Bend when it struck me that I had one more thing to post to you.  There is a WiFi access point at the Gila Bend Library, and MsTioga stopped at the library parking lot for me to go online.

I did not fully realize that during the past few months, my grieving took me into a very depressed place.  During that time, the joy in my life evaporated.  All that was left was emptiness, and a feeling of unexplained kinds of losses.  For example, a loss of a place called home.

If this could happen to me, it could happen to anybody.  Without bragging, I believe that normally I am one of the happiest most positive people.  But this grieving took me down hard.

Perhaps it should have been a sign to me that when I lost interest in keeping MsTioga clean, that something was seriously wrong.  When I felt that there was no place left that I could call home, that this was a sign that something was really wrong!

Snapped out of it!
A couple of days ago I began to come out of this low place.  I just snapped out of it!  Suddenly I began to see all the accumulated dust inside MsTioga!  How did it get so dusty?  I began to clean and clean and clean!  At the same time I began to feel "at home" everyplace where MsTioga and I made a Camp!  What changed? What was different now?

All that I know is that I now understand that grieving is a lot more powerful than I ever could comprehend before I went thru it myself.

3PM - Yuma, Arizona
MsTioga has made her Camp in a large dirt field in the east part of Yuma, Arizona.  We are close to a Kentucky Fried Chicken!  Might go over to that KFC!  I love their original recipe, cole slaw, potato salad and the biscuit with honey!

Clear sky