Friday, April 22, 2011

Sleeping San Diego

6AM - Sleeping in San Diego
Early this morning MsTioga and I headed out from our Nite Camp in the Clairmont Mesa neighborhood.  We returned to the Mission Beach parking area expecting to find no RVs on the street.  You may recall that a San Diego policeman got me to leave my Nite Camp on this same street a couple of days ago.

Why do the police roust me, and not all of these other RVs parked on the same street?

I put that question to Steve, the homeless guy I met here in Mission Beach.  Steve says, "Those guys don't respond to police knocking on their RVs.  You talked to the policeman when he knocked, and you got rousted.  It is not illegal to park on the street.  To sleep on the street is the problem."

11AM - Riding the beach walk!
John drove to Mission Beach bringing along a bike for me to ride.  We both had a great time biking along the beach walk.  We biked up to "Kona Coffee", and stayed there for a couple of hours talking.  Then biked back to MsTioga.  Great time!
George and John before our bike ride

11PM - Our Nite Camp
We have made our Nite Camp alongside a school in Pacific Beach. The policeman who rousted me from the Nite Camp on the street in Mission Beach yesterday, advised to park in a neighborhood where police do not patrol regularly. This appears to be that kind of neighborhood.

Some clouds