Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Steve info

8AM - Info from Steve
Yesterday I wrote to you about a guy named Steve who lives on the street.  Steve stays mostly in the area of Mission Bay park.

Steve suggested that MsTioga would be able to Nite Camp on the street in front of Mission Bay Park.  Steve told that the traffic on the street calms down after 11pm, making it quiet for sleeping.  He pointed out a few other RVs that are camped on that street, and told me that these RVs are moved every three days to avoid parking tickets!

Steve mentioned something very interesting about street people getting an address.  There is a church near Mission Bay Park that provides people with an address.  All that the church asks people using the address service is to check in once every few weeks to receive mail.  Having an address is required for a driver's license, Social Security and lots of other stuff too.   Wow! What a neat thing!

12 Noon - Christmas 1988
I have a VHS video cassette of Christmas, 1988.  The video tape came off of the internal reel some time ago.  So, I do not remember exactly what is on the tape.  However, I believe that my Mom is on this tape, and I believe my son David is on this tape also.  The tape was recorded at our Little Cabin in the Woods in Arnold, California during December, 1988.

This morning I took the tape to "DVD Your Memories" located in the north eastern part of San Diego.  Here they will repair the tape and transfer the video to a portable hard drive.

I am really excited to see this video again!

3PM - Green Light Laser surgery
A few minutes ago I scheduled surgery to correct my enlarged prostate problem.  My urologist, Dr. Andrew Smith, will do a Green Light Laser procedure on May 31st at his office in Concord, California.

I understand that Dr. Smith has the newest and most powerful Green Light laser in the entire World!  .

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