Monday, April 11, 2011


The story
A couple of mornings ago I was lying in bed and thinking about 1995.  That was the year that I went to live in my son David's home.  I was dead broke, and desperately in need of help.  David's home was tiny in 1995.  He had foster kids living with him and no bedroom for me.  So, he gave me some space on the floor of his dining room.  My son David helped me several times since 1995.  David let me use his home address for my home address.  When I became an RVer, David received my mail for seven years while I was on the road.  David let me stay with him whenever I returned to California.   He never refused to help me.

It took me almost a year after moving in with David in 1995 to get on my financial feet once again.  I got a job in a cabinet shop as an apprentice cabinet maker in 1996.  At 58 years old, I was an apprentice once more.  I rented a room in a home a couple of blocks from the cabinet shop and lived there for five years.  During this time I lived like a monk, saving all the money that I could.  By the time that I had overcome cancer in 2003, there was enough money to buy and equip MsTioga.

Yesterday I wrote to you that on March 28, 1984, my life fell apart.  Actually, looking back at that date, this was the pinnacle of my life to that point.  My wife and I owned two fast food restaurants.  I managed one, she the other.  We owned a lovely home in Walnut Creek, California.  But I had a screw loose someplace, and that screw caused me great difficulty in relationships with others.  On the morning of March 28th, some kids went by my home on skateboards knocking over garbage cans as they went down the street.  I took after them on my bicycle, wearing only my pajamas!  When I caught up with these kids, my bike's front wheel hit a sprinkler head which leaned over the sidewalk.  I somersaulted over the handle bar and landed in the street.  I had broken my hip and wrist!

Everything went downhill after that accident.  My wife divorced me several months later.  And I went into a funk that lasted ten years.  Wow!  Because I did not attend to my restaurant business properly, the business began to lose money.  I was forced to sell first one restaurant, and then a few years later the second was sold.  I got a job selling AutoCAD software and did really well for about two years.  But during the recession of 1991, the company I worked for folded.  I remained unemployed from 1992 to 1996.

I wanted to share this part of my life with you to put into perspective what my son David's support meant to me.  And why David's passing has impacted my life so very much.

11AM - Ron & Terry
I cannot recall where I met Ron & Terry. It seems to me that I have known them almost since the time I began to be an RVer! A couple of weeks ago, Ron & Terry bought a home west of Benson, Arizona. I am spending a couple of days here at their new home.

Terry has built a famous website which he calls, "HitchItch" [link].