Sunday, April 24, 2011


7:30AM - Lots of WiFi
MsTioga and The Team are Camped in the parking lot of Vons Grocery.  We arrived here at 5am, and I went back to sleep.  A few days ago I found a really nice Nite Camp next to a school, a couple of blocks away from Vons.  I want to be a good neighbor at this Nite Camp.  That is why I head out from there and go to Vons at 5am!

Now it is 7:30am, and I am going into Vons to do some shopping.  But first I turned on our little Apple iPod and a "VonsWiFi" popped up.  We are using VonsWiFi to make this post to you.  In fact, there are many unsecured WiFi spots all over San Diego.  Our Mr. Datastorm has been relaxing for several days because of all the WiFi that is here.

9AM - Prices are weird!
Remember when I went to Señor Sushi in the City of Manzanillo in Mexico?  I love Señor Sushi's sashimi.  An order of salmon sashimi at Señor Sushi costs 120 pesos.  Here in San Diego, sashimi costs double what Señor Sushi charges.

How about distilled water for batteries?  This morning I bought one gallon of distilled water at Vons and paid 89 cents.  In Mexico, distilled water is not even sold in grocery stores, only in auto supply stores.  Distilled water in Mexico is found in plastic bottles of less than one liter which sell for 10 pesos.  This means that distilled water in Mexico costs about 3x the cost here in the United States.

Mostly cloudy