Saturday, April 02, 2011

Working hard

7AM - Working hard in Aticama
The Pueblo of Aticama is convinced that this year the fiesta of Semana Santa will bring thousands of tourists to the Pueblo and nearby Playa de Matanchen.  As soon as I drove into Aticama yesterday, I could see the huge amount of work preparing for Semana Santa.

The dirt coast road shown in the pic below has been graded.  Hundreds of new palm leaf roofed huts have been built on the beach and there are even about 10 of these huts along this dirt road where they have never been before.  These palm huts will be used to sell food to the tourists.

It is baffling to me why the people of Aticama have come to believe that Semana Santa this year, will bring tourists to the area as never before.  But there is no doubt that this hope is the driving force behind why people are working sooooo hard in Aticama.
MsTioga and Jorge on the coast road

Weng's injured arm!
If you have been clicking our "Read Weng" link, you know that a few weeks back Weng got thrown from a horse! When Weng landed on the ground, her left arm got completely dislocated at her elbow. Yesterday when I went up to Hill Top home, I found Weng had removed the plaster cast from her arm.

Weng is still not able to use her left arm yet. She cannot even close her hand to grip something. As a result, Weng and her husband Francisco have hired two young woman to help with the housework. So, Weng is recovering like a queen! Being tended to every need by the two ladies!

9AM - Wishing!
I am sitting at MsTioga's table eating breakfast.  A wonderful omelette with cheese, onions and ham.  A side of fried potatoes!  A cup of hot chocolate!  Outside the window is the lovely Matanchen Bay.  A zillion people all over the World would like to be me.

And what I am thinking about?  I am wishing that I would see my two sons walking up to MsTioga.  I am wishing that they were saying to me, "Hi, Dad!  What's going on?"

I am wishing for what I do not have!  That doesn't work.  I have what a zillion people are wishing they had.  I must remember that when I get in one of these "wishing" moods!
View from MsTioga's table

Clear sky