Tuesday, May 31, 2011

TURP Green Light Laser PVP

4AM - TURP Green Light Laser PVP
The name of the surgical procedure that I am having this morning is called:
TURP Green Light Laser PVP [link]

Clicking on the link will take you to a complete description of this procedure.  Below is a summary of GreenLight Laser PVP.

Prostate Laser 
One alternative that has emerged is laser enlarged prostate surgery. Like TURP, the so-called GreenLight PVP Laser Therapy aims to create a channel in the urethra through which men can urinate more freely – but the surgery is considerably less invasive. Instead of cutting tissue out, the newer technique creates the channel by vaporizing the tissue using laser energy. Thus far, almost every study has shown that when done by experienced urologists, the laser enlarged prostate surgery produces results that are equal to those with TURP, but without the severe side effects and risks. It is an outpatient procedure with minimal to no bleeding, no risk of fluid absorption, and catheterization only overnight, if at all.

4:30AM - Woke up early
I'd set my iPod alarm to go off at 4:45am. But I woke up at 3:20am. Just a bit too nervous to go back to sleep. So, here I am blogging to you! I had not intended to blog this morning. But blogging relaxes me.

1:30PM - Back with MsTioga!
A nurse just wheeled me out of John Muir Hospital in a wheel chair.  I am back with MsTioga!  The first thing that I did was to crank up Mr. Wave-6, our catalytic heater.  It is cold and rainy outside!  Then I prepared a nice salad with tuna and cottage cheese.  I am hungry!  Had not eaten since yesterday afternoon!

So far I have no pain from the operation.  However, the spinal anesthetic has not completely worn off.  My behind is still a little numb.  A pharmacy will deliver the pain medication Vicodin later this afternoon in case I have a pain problem.

7PM - Bleeding
I've been instructed that bleeding may be expected. Well, I see red in my catheter bag. I am not happy to see blood in my urine!

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Monday, May 30, 2011

Things to do

6AM - Things to do
Tonite MsTioga plans to make her Nite Camp in John Muir Hospital's parking lot.  You may recall that arrangements have been made with hospital security for MsTioga to park in a particular spot.  This spot is the only place in the entire parking area where MsTioga's rear may extend into the landscape space.

I am supposed to check-in with the hospital's "Short Stay" department tomorrow morning at 5am!  My operation is scheduled for 7:30am.  I wonder why they want me there so early?

Today I have several errands to do.  Get a haircut.  Fill the 5-gallon drinking water bottles.  Do some grocery shopping.  After these things are done, I was planning to stay at one of the City of Concord's lovely parks.

6PM - Hospital Camp
MsTioga has made her Hospital Camp across from the Emergency Entrance.  This is a different location than we had picked last week.  Somebody else is parked at last week's pick.  I checked in with hospital security a few minutes ago to alert them to the new location.
MsTioga at John Muir Hospital

8PM - Listening to Mark Knopfler's Local Hero
Both David I loved the movie, "Local Hero".  What would that movie be without Mark Knopfler's fantastic music? As I listen watch and listen, I imagine that David is with me inside MsTioga.  And David is loving the music with me! [link]

Did you know that Mark Knopfler started the band, "Dire Straits" in 1977?

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Sunday, May 29, 2011


8AM - Nervous
I shouldn't be nervous about my upcoming surgery.  But I am.  I've asked to be "out-cold" before the operation.  It would not be good for me to be completely conscious as I am wheeled into the operating room.  When I had cancer back ten years ago and my doc needed a biopsy, I felt the same way.  In the operating room they went to strap me down to a gurney!  No! I told them,  "If you are going to strap me down, first anesthetize me."  And they did!  Oh lord, I hate to be nervous like that.

Lately in order to take my mind off of thinking about all this, I've been watching celebrity interviews on YouTube.  Watching these interviews really works for me.  I like Dave Letterman and Charlie Rose as interviewers.

6PM - Nite Camp
MsTioga and I are back in the place where we have been Nite Camping here in Concord. This is an industrial neighborhood, and especially quiet on the weekends.

During the afternoon I got in the mood for a Casper's Hot Dog! There is a Casper's close by. I like the "pop" when I bite into one of those dogs!

Does it seem to you that life has really quieted down for us on the TiogaRV Team?  It has.  However, I am happy with that.


Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weird guy

6AM - A really weird guy!
If you have been following my blog for awhile, you may have come to believe that I am a really weird guy.  I know that I believe that!

Take what happened yesterday afternoon.  MsTioga and I drove to David's house to drop off the stuff that came from the rental space.  That rental place stuff was clogging up the inside of MsTioga.  I plan to figure out what to do with all that stuff after my prostate operation next Tuesday.

Anyway, as I was driving to David's house, I thought to myself that maybe David is not really dead!  Hmmmmm?  Now this is really weird.  Because I myself arranged for David's cremation.  I myself met with the Calaveras County coroner.  I myself picked up the certified death certificates.  For God's sake, the forest ranger who found David showed me the place where he died!

Yet, here I was imagining that maybe David was not really dead.  Maybe when I enter his house, I will surprise him with my appearance.  What would he say to me?  "Hi Dad!  You are probably surprised to find me here!  I can explain!"

I may be weird, but I am not delusional.  I know that David is really dead.  And, I am not depressed by that knowing anymore.  In fact, I am able to think about David without getting depressed, the way that I used to get.  Yet, when I walked thru the garage yesterday afternoon, and opened the door to enter the house, I sort of expected that David would be there.  Really weird!

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Friday, May 27, 2011


6AM - Parking at the hospital
You may remember that I went to the hospital several days ago to arrange for MsTioga to park there when I have my surgery.  The captain of security promised to phone me about that.  I'd not received that call.  So, this morning I drove to the hospital and parked.  We backed in to the parking place.  MsTioga's rear extended over an area that is part of the landscaping.  The front did not stick out of the white line area by more than 6".  The captain seemed satisfied with this arrangement.

8AM - Giant Chef
Usually I prepare my own breakfast in MsTioga's kitchen. My usual is two eggs over-easy, one slice wheat toast, a bowl of fruit with some cottage cheese. But this morning for some reason I wanted something different. So, I treated myself to Giant Chef in the City of Pleasant Hill.

I like Giant Chef mainly because I love to sit at their counter which is right in front of the cooking line.  The cooks are soooooo fast!  I don't know how they do what they do?  I couldn't be a cook there for even 30 seconds!   One cook is able to break eggs open with both hands!

I ordered an omelette with ham and cheese, wheat toast and a bowl of fruit.

10AM - A permanent stick house
A few very nice Readers in ShoutBox wondered about me owning David's house. I have thought about that too!

That house has four bedrooms and three baths. Now, if I would find a woman to love and have kids with, this might be a pretty neat place to live.  With a nice swimming pool and a hot tub!  Wow!  Sort of like starting life over again, during my 73rd year on Earth.  Makes me smile to think about that!  Because I believe with what I know now, I would make a much better husband and father, the 2nd time around.

But, back to reality.  I really do love the way that I live now.  For me, living in MsTioga is the simplest kind of life.  I am free as a bird.  I can stay in a place, or go.  Living in MsTioga is cheap compared to a house.

6PM - Facetious 10am post
In re-reading my 10am post, it seemed to me that this post might be interpreted as being facetious.  I did not intend that.  I very much appreciate Readers who consider my welfare.  Including those Readers who felt that I might buy David's house.

I was just being funny and possibly silly with my remarks.

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Thursday, May 26, 2011

Washing clothes

7AM - Washing clothes
I've been looking for a laundry place for the last few days.  I've found two of them, but parking there is not good for MsTioga.  Not enough room.  I knew that I could wash my clothes at David's house, but for some reason I chose not to do that.  Hmmmmm?

Anyway, yesterday afternoon I did return to David's house and did my laundry.  The washer and dryer are top notch!  My clothes came out really clean.  While the laundry stuff was going on, I messed around inside the house.  You know something?  Even though David is gone, I still feel sort of "at home" there.

Uncle Joe's pics
Do you remember that a couple of days ago I brought all of Uncle Joe's 35mm slides back to David's garage?   Readers wrote to me that I could have the slides digitized, and that would save space.  Isn't that a great idea?  I am soooooo lucky to have Readers to help me!

I searched around and found "Scan Cafe" and am going to use their service [link].

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Feeling great1

6AM - Feeling great!
Late yesterday afternoon my doctor phoned.  He told me that my bladder operation is NOT in jeopardy as I wrote to you yesterday!  I was worried for nothing.  My worry caused my imagination to run wild!

Wow!  I am feeling sooooooo great this morning!

9AM - Breakfast in the park
We are camping again in Newhall Park. I've just finished breakfast. Watched the movie, "Saving Private Ryan" while eating. I thought that you would like to see the mess MsTioga is in since we moved in all that stuff from the rental space yesterday! So, Little Mavicita captured the pic below for you to see.

I know that I have not been myself for several months. How I feel comes out in my writing. I am still adjusting to David's suicide. Also, I am coping with my younger son being aloof because he too is messed up by what happened to his brother David.

Now I am back where David used to live in Concord, California. Being here is hard for me. Before I arrived here, I suspected that it would be hard.  I am sorry that my blog story has been such a downer for so long.  I remember those days when I just wandered around searching for adventure.  All I can do is believe that someday I will return to the way that I used to be.
MsTioga's mess!

Light rain

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

End game

5 AM - End game
Actually, for a guy who has bad kidneys, I feel pretty good.  I still have to get a reading from my urologist about what all this means.  But I know enough to understand that a reduction in kidney function is not a good thing.  I have a suspicion that my upcoming TURP bladder surgery might be in jeopardy because of my kidneys.  If this is true, that is a real bummer!

Anyway, I went to Blockbuster video yesterday afternoon and rented four videos.  Since watching movies is one of my most favorite things, I figured why not enjoy myself?  On the way to Blockbuster, MsTioga went over a speed bump a bit too fast.  This caused Mr. Sunny's solar battery bank to jump up.  One of the batteries ended up sitting on its battery tray, a bit tilted.  So, last nite I had to move around some of the batteries in order to get this tilted battery back into its tray.

While I was tussling with the batteries, it came to me that it was really something that I could still be doing this work.  I am a guy with bad kidneys, a leaky aortic heart valve and a bladder that is messed up.  Here I am moving heavy batteries around.  And, I am still feeling good.  Pretty neat, huh?

3PM - Newhall Park
MsTioga made an Afternoon Camp in the City of Concord's Newhall Park. Just before we arrived here, we were at son David's house. When I returned to Mexico last December, I moved a bunch of what I considered valuable stuff from David's house to a nearby rental space. I had planned to move all that "valuable stuff" into MsTioga. But it was just too much stuff. And I had to bring some of it back to David's garage.

Uncle Joe's slide photos were one of those things.  Several boxes of Uncle Joe's slides.  My Dad's chess set too.  Movies that I took of my family taken during the 1960s and 1970s.

My sons never got married.  They never had children.  No babies for my sons meant no grandchildren for me.  Nobody to leave these photos and movies to.


Monday, May 23, 2011

John Muir

7AM - John Muir Medical Center
My Green Light Laser Surgery is scheduled for May 31st at the John Muir Medical Center in the City of Concord.  This morning I have been directed to have blood work and an EKG done at this hospital.

About a week ago I phoned security at the hospital in order to learn if MsTioga would be able to park there.  "No problem", I was told.  "Just check with security when you arrive."  So, this morning at 7am I checked with security  "We do not have a place for an RV here.   Who did you talk to?"

Don't you just hate when stuff like this happens?   Hmmmmmm?

10AM - Blood work and EKG
I've just returned to MsTioga after having blood drawn and taking an EKG. Afterwards, I checked back with hospital security who assured me that a place will be found for MsTioga to park on the day of my prostate surgery!

MsTioga found a place to park on a quiet street near the hospital.  You may see where this place is by clicking on our Google Map link.  We may remain at this place for awhile today.

4PM - Kidney problem?
Doctor Smith phoned because he was concerned about my blood test. Creatine is at 1.7 level. This indicates reduced kidney function.

I returned to the hospital this afternoon for an echo of my kidneys.  Time may be winding down for Tioga-George.

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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Friend sushi

9AM - Invited for sushi!
You may have guessed that the next part of my trip north might be a bit tough.  I am not too far away from Concord.  And there is no more son David to visit in Concord!  That thought has weighed on me lately.

So, when the phone rang a few minutes ago and a friend invited me to go out for sushi this afternoon, I was sooooo happy!  Just what I needed to take my mind off of darker thoughts.

6PM  - Camped in Concord
We have made a Nite Camp in an industrial neighborhood where we have Nite Camped many times.  Mr. Datastorm went up and could NOT locate his satellite.  Hmmmmmm?   So, we searched for an open WiFi access point and found one!  Lucky!

I went out to for sushi earlier this afternoon with my friend.  That was a nice time.  However, when I parked at my friend's home, I did not pay close attention and scraped the bumper of a car parked there.  I made arrangements to have the bumper repaired.

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