Saturday, May 07, 2011

7AM - Coronado morning walk
MsTioga and The Team spent the nite near the Hotel del Coronado, across from the Coronado Yacht Club. Pretty snazzy, huh?   We have Nite Camped at this location for several years, and have never been bothered by law enforcement.

This morning we moved back to the Tidelands Park at the north end of Coronado. I am going to take a walk on the path that follows San Diego Bay.

Map Link Change
Google has made a change in their maps and now includes a link to Google Earth inside Google Map.  So, I have removed the Google Earth link from my blog.  Cleans up the look of my blog a bit!

By the way, did you know that Google Map shows the location of my Nite Camp for that date?  Also, during the day when I move around, often I update Google Map to show the location of my current Day Camp.

MsTioga's location is the "green" arrow.  Not the "red" arrow.