Thursday, May 19, 2011

Ahead weather

6AM - Ahead of the weather
As you may know, MsTioga and I love what we call, "T-shirt and short pants weather".  Well, we must have gone north out from San Diego a bit early.  Because it has not been our kind of weather at the northern latitudes where we have been camping recently.

Mr. Wave-6, our catalytic heater, has been working hard.  Every afternoon Wave-6 has been on warming up the inside of MsTioga.  When it is cold as it has been lately, Wave-6 stays on all nite long! [link]

10AM - Over $100 to fill tank!
I guess that it was bound to happen. MsTioga's gas tank took over $100 to fill. The price here in Paso Robles is $4.20/gallon.  I just looked up on the internet what $4.20 was worth [inflation adjusted] when I was 16 years old and it is 52 cents.

I began driving when I was 16 years old.  That was in 1953. I recall gasoline cost about $.29/gallon that year.  29 cents in 1953 is $2.35 in today's dollars!  Wow!

2PM - King City Camp
MsTioga rolled into King City. We looked for an auto radio shop and replaced the pair of speakers located in the front. One of our "original equipment" speakers burned out. It was the speaker on the left.  With this speaker not working, talk-radio was very difficult to hear clearly and understand.

We are going to spend the nite here in King City.