Friday, May 13, 2011

Blogger back

11AM - Blogger is back!
I don't know what happened that caused Blogger to go down yesterday.  I do know that I lost Thursday's post entirely.  Also, I lost part of my post from Wednesday.

Apparently Blogger did something that caused their database to become unstable.  In order to get Blogger working again, Blogger removed all posts that were made after the morning of May 11th.  I consider myself lucky to have only lost a couple of posts.

Back in January, 2004, Blogger did something that caused ALL of my posts for 2003 to be lost.  Blogger promised to find those lost posts, but eventually admitted that eight month's of my posts were gone forever.  I was able to restore those posts on my own, using backups that were on my website.

Happy with Blogger
I have to tell you that I am actually pretty happy with Blogger.  Did you know that Google owns Blogger?  Google developed their wonderful search engine which is used to process the relevant advertisements that you see on my blog and web pages.  I earn a substantial income from these ads.  And I would not have that income without Google's expertise and ingenious invention of the AdWords and AdSense programs.

Before 2004, Blogger used to be very slow and was filled with bugs.  These bugs caused persons making Blogger posts to crash during publishing.  Google developed "New Blogger" which sped up publishing of a blog and practically eliminated those bugs.