Friday, May 20, 2011


5AM - Keeping bugs out
Yesterday afternoon I got out the covered casserole dish in order to prepare a Roast Beast [link].  I had not used the casserole dish for several months and was shocked to find what appeared to be a large dead roach inside the covered dish.  Apparently the bug got in the dish by wiggling past the cover, but was not able to get out again.

Do you recall some time ago when MsTioga got infested with roaches?  We decided to fight those bugs by removing their food supply.  Ever since then we keep our garbage inside a plastic grocery bag which is twisted closed so that the bugs cannot enter.  When the bag is full enough to toss into a garbage can, the opening of the bag is tied into a knot.

This method of fighting bugs seems to have been very successful.  Even so, I was very surprised to find even one roach inside MsTioga.  Especially one so large.

Exploring by wandering around
When we are in a traveling mode, as we are now, MsTioga and I check out our Nite Camp locations by wandering around and exploring.  Yesterday afternoon we were exploring King City.  We stopped at several places inside this town until we came upon a location that seemed to be a good Nite Camp.

We liked the Nite Camp location that we finally picked because there was very little traffic here during the late evening.  But we especially liked this place because there is a court house here that has a very fast WiFi access point!  We like to use WiFi when we can instead of our Mr. Datastorm, because WiFi hardly uses any of our stored electric power!

Weng has made some blog posts
Have you been following my friend Weng's adventures in her blog? Weng does not make too many posts. But she made a couple recently that tell about what she is doing.

You might want to click on our "Read Weng" link and check her out.

4PM - Santa Cruz Harbor
MsTioga and The Team have made our Camp at the Santa Cruz Harbor in Santa Cruz, California. We paid to stay at this RV Campground!

Tioga and George paid to camp? Astounding!
George at Santa Cruz Harbor

5PM - Reader Sam
Somebody called my name and I went to MsTioga's door to see who it was. Reader Sam was there driving an almost silent car! It was a Tesla. Have you ever heard of this car?

The Tesla is an electric car! It accelerates like crazy. Sam suggested that I take my pic sitting in his Tesla.
George in Sam's Tesla