Friday, May 06, 2011

Camping mesa

7AM - Camping on the mesa
While MsTioga was being repaired at the Ford dealer, we camped up on the mesa in the northeast part of San Diego.  Some of the mesa is occupied by an industrial neighborhood.  We have found that Nite Camping on the mesa was a whole lot easier than Nite Camping in the Mission Bay and Pacific Beach areas.

There are a ton of Chinese, Japanese/sushi restaurants up here.  Love that!  We have been up here Nite Camped for the past several days, and have not even seen San Diego police patrolling here.  Love that too!

8AM - MsTioga
MsTioga and I are going to be together forever. There is not a thought in my mind about getting another RV home.  All vehicles need maintenance.  MsTioga is no exception.  I do not believe that MsTioga is more expensive to maintain than other RVs.

Making payments
I bought MsTioga for cash.  No payments.  No interest!  If I could live my life over again, I would not borrow money.  Not for a home.  Not for a car.  I would save my money until I could buy for cash.

I mention borrowing because Readers have written about buying an RV and comparing loan payments with maintenance costs.

1PM - Coronado date!
We have a date to meet John and Mimi this afternoon at 3pm at Coronado's Old Ferry Landing.  MsTioga and The Team got here early and made an Afternoon Camp in a  lovely Coronado park, a bit south of the Landing.

In the pic below, MsTioga is looking at the high bridge connecting San Diego and Coronado.
MsTioga in Coronado

John, Mimi and George
Old Ferry Landing

Blue sky