Monday, May 02, 2011



7AM - Coronado Island
Yesterday we Camped all day and all nite on Coronado Island.  MsTioga was undisturbed by law enforcement.  We observed not even one "No Camping" sign on Coronado.  Very different on the other side of the bay in San Diego where there are signs everywhere warning against camping.

We pulled out of Coronado Island just after sunrise, at 5:30am.  MsTioga crossed the 200 foot high bridge across the bay and headed to Ski Beach to make a Morning Camp.

We on the TiogaRV Team love traveling around as we have been doing over the past few days.  Making camps all over the place is one of our favorite things!

10AM - Heater core
MsTioga is now at Kearny Pearson Ford to have her heater core replaced.  You may recall that MsTioga has had several heater core failures.  These failures have been due to electrolysis forming holes in the aluminum core.  We believe that a major cause of electrolysis was the condition of our radiator coolant.  We have had the radiator coolant flushed.

A zinc anode may be attached to our new aluminum heater core to prevent electrolysis.  Also, major components of MsTioga's engine will be checked to insure they are properly grounded.

Blue sky