Monday, May 16, 2011

Cousin Jacky

Cousin Jacky
Yesterday MsTioga and I drove north from Encinitas to pay a visit with Cousin Jacky!  We had a great time talking with Jacky.  We went out for a steak dinner.  Later in the evening, we both watched "Desperate Housewives" together.  It's a TV comedy.

My oldest friend Dave Diamond lives close by.  I hope to spend a little time with him before continuing my journey north.

Blogger Report
Remember a few days ago that Blogger's editing service went down and did not come back until the next day? Blogger promised to restore posts that they deleted during the time that it was out of service.

However, our Blog never got our posts back. No big thing!

5PM - Camarillo Nite Camp
MsTioga and The Team have made a Nite Camp in the City of Camarillo. If you take a peek at Google Map, you may view our location.  Our Camp is right next to the Camarillo Airport and what appears to be a WW2 trainer aircraft is practicing takeoffs and landings.

We did not get to visit with our friend Dave Diamond. He and his wife Marlyne are going to Israel for a few weeks, and they are in crunch time now. We may be able to visit with them when we return south next month.

Blue sky