Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Crown Point

6:30AM - Crown Point

This morning MsTioga and The Team are Day Camped at Crown Point. You may recall that yesterday morning we were at Ski Beach. There are many wonderful and lovely places to Day Camp around San Diego Bay.

Years ago when I was just beginning to live the life of a vagabonder, I learned the difference between a Day Camp and a Nite Camp. Have you read our MsTioga Magazine story about Nite Camping? This story tells about that difference [link].

The Team at Crown Point

3PM - Our new ladder

Reader RvSue asked about our new ladder, wondering where in MsTioga Magazine that I wrote about the ladder. Actually, we never published a MsTioga Magazine story about the ladder.  However, Little Mavicito made a video about the ladder in September, 2007.

 We bought the ladder at Ace Hardware, and the ladder is manufactured by Cosco Home & Office Products.


Blue sky